403 error when accessing through cloudflare tunnel

Hello everyone,

I’ve been running my home assistant installation smoothly for over a year, but last week, I encountered an issue. I use the cloudflared addon and started receiving the “Unable to connect to Home Assistant. Retrying in …” error.

I tried waiting it out and rebooted my Dell Optiplex, but neither approach worked. Thinking it might be a USB issue, I replaced it with an external SSD and reinstalled Home Assistant. Unfortunately, the problem persisted, ruling out the USB or Dell Optiplex as the cause.

Interestingly, I could still access my installation through homeassistant:8123. After checking my cloudflared config and the cloudflare tunnel, both seemed error-free, and the tunnel was reported as healthy by Cloudflare.

Additionally, I noticed that occasionally, I get a 403 error when attempting to access via the domain name instead of the “Unable to connect to Home Assistant. Retrying in …” message.

All my components are updated to the latest versions, and I’ve reviewed both Cloudflare and Home Assistant logs without finding any related errors. Can anyone provide assistance or insights? Thanks!

Did you ever manage to find a solution to this? I’ve literally gone through all of the same as you.

I’ve just come up against the same issue - any insight would be much appreciated!
the IP ban file is empty, i’m not sure where to look next…