"404: Not Found" when opening app via notify action

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Hello, I’m trying to use Actionable Notifications to be able to open an app by clicking on the action button of a notification.
This is my code (I just copied and pasted the content from the link above):

service: notify.mobile_app_***
  message: Something happened at home!
      - action: URI
        title: Open Twitter
        uri: 'app://com.twitter.android'

I receive the notification with the action button. The problem is that, by clicking that button, I should be able to open Twitter (that I have installed), but it opens the Home Assistant app and shows just the text 404: Not Found. To me it seems that HA is trying to open the link “app://com.twitter.android” inside its WebView.
Are you able to reproduce the issue or maybe there is something wrong with some of my settings?

This is actually a beta feature, please make sure you are on the latest beta version.

Edit: updated the docs to reflect this particular feature is beta only

Thank you, I didn’t know that was a beta feature.