433.92 MHz 32-bit protocol e.g. Nexa Remote Switch

I just bought these Nexa Remote Switches https://www.clasohlson.com/uk/Nexa-Remote-Switch-Set-3-pack/18-2650. The switches are self-learning and can be paired with up to three different remotes.

As I understand, it’s possible to pair a switch by sending a code using the rpi_rf platform in Home Assistant. Problem is that the protocol for these switches is 32-bit and not 24-bit that is common for 433 MHz RF.

How do I set these up using Home Assisant and hass.io? What’s format should the codes have?

I use pilight to send codes to mine.

Thanks, but I prefer to continue using Home Assistant!

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OK! I see! I will try this. Thanks!

I don’t think pilight will work with hass.io :frowning: as there is no add-on yet. Sorry I didn’t notice this was in the hass.io forum :stuck_out_tongue: