433 mHz listener: rtl_433 support

While there are many 433 mHz devices, there isn’t much HA support for listening to them.
A possible solution is to integrate rtl_433 support which can be used with a cheap RTL DVB-T dongle.

+1 on this. rtl_433 is lightweight and doesn’t use much CPU. I have mine attached to my PiHole RPi and never see above 10% CPU useage. Would be a great add-on.

See 7$ USD 433 mhz sensor reader to MQTT

@roflmao, That’s pretty cool. But as far as I understand it, that is specifically adjusted for a temperature/humidity sensor. It would be great if there was a more universal solution, through which devices can be added through HASS… and I don’t really know where to start with that.

I know, but since we use MQTT there has to be some discovery or some kind. Just read the log from rtl_433.log and add all your sensors manually (which is detected by rtl_433)

I’ll try it out, thanks!

A sensor component similar to the rpi_rf switch component would be really nice.

When you order those 433 MHz transmitters, they send you a receiver anyway. It would be awesome to be able to use it.

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I created a hassio addon for rtl_433 support:

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I have a sensor sensing 433 signals from multiple sensors, I’ll make a video and upload python code to github. It does not use the rtl module but a cheap receiver board (<$0.50) connected to pi.

any updates ?

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How can I install this addon on hassbian?
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I dont use or know hassbian, but assuming its like any other linux distro you should be able to compile everything you need.
This is the install process for alpine linux that my docker image (hassio image) uses:

apk add --no-cache --virtual build-deps alpine-sdk cmake git libusb-dev && \
mkdir /tmp/src && \
cd /tmp/src && \
git clone git://git.osmocom.org/rtl-sdr.git && \
mkdir /tmp/src/rtl-sdr/build && \
cd /tmp/src/rtl-sdr/build && \
make && \
make install && \
chmod +s /usr/local/bin/rtl_* && \
cd /tmp/src/ && \
git clone https://github.com/merbanan/rtl_433 && \
cd rtl_433/ && \
mkdir build && \
cd build && \
cmake ../ && \
make && \
make install && \
apk del build-deps && \
rm -r /tmp/src && \
apk add --no-cache libusb mosquitto-clients jq

You should be able use the above but may need to change package manager?

Hope it helps, sorry I cannot help further due to not running hassbian.

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Hi !

I have 3 sensors connected to my 2gigs alarm system that are working on 433 mhz, how do i connect them to the usb key ? I want to purchase this one https://www.amazon.ca/NooElec-NESDR-SMArt-Enclosure-R820T2-Based/dp/B01GDN1T4S/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1524141742&sr=8-3&keywords=RTL+SDR but i want to know how it work before buying it !

Does the signal make a difference between 2 door sensors and a motion sensor ?

I have done the same thing with a cheap 433 Mhz receiver and a Raspberry Pi Zero. I have a little python script (adapted from a sniffer script) that listens for specific 433 Mhz codes and then publishes a payload to an MQTT topic which HA then picks up.

Really it depends on the sensors since the data sent on the 433mhz is not standardised, but from what I have seen most of devices send a unique ID.

You can see for example this person was using honeywell devices which send an ID in the payload:

Also there is some discussion on the github page for my hassio addon how to support >1 device:

ok thanks, i’ll buy the usb dongle to test it !

Here is code that does the job just fine https://github.com/merbanan/rtl_433 for most popular rtl-sdr can we implement that in HA some way? I used that successfully to read on multiple neighbors’s sensors. It is also able to detect particular buttons and remote ids of KeeloQ pilots for gates for example.