433 mhz Rf Modul

Hey Folks ,
I Have some kind of a newbie question … i want to use the 433 MHZ switch to control a wireless socket…but i dont know how to set the code ( for wiring pi it was 11111 0 1 or 11111 1 1) and it worked in the shell …

but using it in the expample code:

  platform: rpi_rf
  gpio: 17
    protocol: ? (does i need to add this line)
    code_on: 11111 1 1
    code_off: 11111 1 0

Can some help me here?

Thanks !!

You’re timing is impeccable; @brusche just did an awesome YouTube video that should be of great help here!

hope it helps! Let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile: