433 Temp Sensor different Topic after Battery change

Dear all,

I have a serious (maybe just understanding) problem with a 433 Temp Sensor.

It is working well with the 433 addon and 433 autodiscover add on combined with the mosquitto

But if I do reboot homeassistant OS (running on PI 3B), the temperatures stay unavailable until I Start the autodiscovery add on and leave it running for a while.

I could live with that but of course it would be better if the once discovered and configured Sensors would be available after a restart (like all other sensors I use).
Is there an option to configure each sensor manually so that it does not have to be rediscovered?

The more serious Problem I have is that the topic is changing after the battery of a sensor is replaced.
And I did not find an option to maybe just change the topic for the already configured sensor.
IN that case I would have to configure it (I mean setting a card on the dashboard) completely new and will loose all the history data from that sensor.

I did some research but I did not find a solution for that.
There must be some point doing the “mapping” for the sensors. Something “inside” mqtt must do that.
But where ? How can I “tell” mqtt to “forward” the right information to Homeassistant ?

Sensor before Battery change: rtl_433/device/infactory/1/224
Sensor after Battery change: rtL_433/device/infactory/1/260

So how can I “tell” MQTT to forward the data from the sensor after Battery change to the Homeassistant card labeled with “mytemperature01” where the data from the sensor before the battery change was “sent” to ?

Is there someone who could bring some light in the darkness of my head ?

Many thanks in Advance.

I already found the solution for my problem.
I will explain the solution in detail below for others encounter the same “problem”.
Unfortunately me as a new user can just post one image. so I merged the 10 ones I planned to use for explaining the solution. Hopefully it is clear too with just the 10 in one image :slight_smile:

But nevertheless I still do not understand where the mapping happens.
Where does the MQTT “sends” tha received data inside the Homeassistant?
Is there a draft of the dataflow and the information about where the configs for all the involved services can be found and adjusted maybe ?

Now the solution:

  • I do have some temperature sensors in the device list.

  • Temperatures dispayed on a seperate dashboard

  • Then I do have to replace the battery - in this example of the sensor named Temp433-05 No more updates of temperature after replacing the battery.

  • I then restarted the Raspberry. No sensore available anymore after the reboot :frowning:

  • I have to start the autodiscovery add on to have the sensors available again. (for this I still looking for a solution - one where I do not have to start the autodiscovery add on after a reboot)

  • After a minute or two, the sensors are back available. except the one where I replaced the battery.

  • The reason is that the topic the mosquitto defined for the sensor where the battery was replaces has been changed.
    The solution now is to just delete the old sensor and rename the one with the new topic to exact the name it had before. All historical data is available and temperature is updated.
    Just the litlle gap when the Raspberry was restarted and the renaming process is visible in the graph.
    Normally the raspberry woul dnot have to be restarted. I just did it to provide the details to the problem I encountered.