433mhz and esphome with rolling code?

I have some of these basic 2 button 433mhz remotes I want to use,

But it appears that they use rolling code? Is this easy or even possible to deal with?

My receiver logs are. This is from 1 press of the button on the remote.

How it appears? If you bought general remote fob, it’s not rolling code. To deal with rolling code for sure would not be easy.

But why does it send so many different codes with 1 press of the button?

What indicates that?

See the attached log at pastebin in my original post.

Its the full log from a single press

Fob keeps sending signals as long as you keep it pressed. Always multiple times.
Is your fob from some specific device, gate or something like that?

its just for a generic transmitter and 2 channel relay receiver.


Note, this is not me holding down the button, that is a single press.

As I wrote, it transmits always multiple times…
Your remote is not rolling code.

Ok, So it will always transmit at least one of those transmitted codes?

When you press button x, it sends multiple times signal that is coded to that button.

Ok thank you that is working.

I have one question, When I push the button, my binary_sensor turns on and off about 10 times, guessing its sending 10 times.

Is there a way to latch the sensor until the code is no longer being received,

So, if I hold the button down for say 5 minutes, the binary sensor would be ON for 5 minutes until I release it?

In 5 minutes your battery is empty.
Anyway try with filters, delayed off for example.

Yea I would prefer to use a esp and deep sleep

I mean your fob battery. And those small 12V batteries cost more than the fob…