433Mhz cover through Broadlink RM2 Pro


I need to control some 433Mhz covers (https://tubemotor.com.au/index)

They use a variant of the Somfy protocol that uses a rolling code and thus it cannot be controlled using pre-recorded commands. The packets need to be built on every transmission as a function of the remote-id, channel and command (Up, Down, Stop, etc) and, of course, the rolling code

I’ve reverse-engineered the protocol and want to send the packets using my RM2 Pro. The code is written in Python thinking on a future integration with HA

What would be the better approach?

  • Using the command line cover component calling a python script?
  • Creating/modifying a custom HA component that takes as arguments Remote-id and channel, generates the corresponding packet and sends it through the Broadlink component.

I’d rather the second approach. That could enable partial opening and status emulation (something the one-way 433Mhz protocol does not provide) and maintaining the rolling code (that needs to be stored and incremented on each packet in a per-remote basis), but need some guidance from component creation experienced people.

There a custom Broadlink cover component created by shenxn that looks promising, but it’s pointed to pre-recorded commands. I guess it could be a good starting point, but I don’t know how to modify it to support my covers and be integrated into HA without breaking anything in place.

Any help?

Did yo

u could resolve that? I’m with the same problem.