433MHz Homeduino and Reverse Cycle Air conditioner IR blaster

New to home assistant and thought I would share two microservices I built to fill the void. Both use nodejs and I run them using forever-service to keep them running . Both have been designer to fill a very niche problem for myself so you’ll probably want to adapt as required, but should provide homedunio users a slightly easier way to migrate.

The first is a bridge to take homeduino 433mhz devices and make them available over MQTT. It’s very basic but allows you to make use of contact switches, buttons and allows you to change the state. Could be useful for those migrating from pimatic like myself. Source code can be found here https://github.com/TheSkorm/433mqtt

The second is a simple script that converts an MQTT feed into something that can run lirc commands to IR blast to an aircon allowing control of cooling, heating and temperature. Source can be found here https://github.com/TheSkorm/acmqtt/blob/master/index.js

An example of my config can be found on my gists (apparently I’m limited to 2 links)

Thank you for sharing.
I also migrated from pimatic to Hass. I went back to using the pilight component. But i don’t get the receiving part to work in pilight for more than a couple seconds. So i can’t see if a device is already on or not.
Your code seems interesting but im still to noob to make use of it i think :slight_smile:

some readme file? how do you activate your scripts ?

No readmes yet. You can install and start

git clone repo
npm install
npm start

Though depending on your platform you’ll want to set it up to startup automatically. You’ve need to edit them to match your configuration.

i am using rasppberry pi

On my raspbian install I’m using forever-service to keep it running after reboot.

You’ll probably want to read through the scripts to see how they work (their only 50 lines) and adjust as required because they were made to suite my specific use case.



Hi man,

I am starting to migrate fro Pimatic as well, my setup in Pimatic relies on a homeduino. I was wondering if you could give some advice how to migrate the easiest way??

Maybe share your YAML??

Thanks in advance,

Hey @dennissmit ,

If you know how to code, maybe you can adjust the code from TheSkorm.
But i don’t know how to adjust that for my situation.

However i use Pilight which is quite easy to setup. So you can consider that. That’s something i can help you with.
You might want to check if your devices are supported by Pilight here.

i’m nothing like a software engineer, so adjusting code is not gonna happen…:slight_smile:

I’m using pimatic with homeduino; basicly all radio transmitting goes through the arduino. I don’t wanna disconnect this and flush the whole arduino, so i’m gonna stick with pimatic i’m afraid…

i really like the frontend of hass, but maybe in the near future … thanks for your reply anyway!

no problem!

i did just get another arduino nano and flashed the firmware on it, only thing i had to do is switch the nano which was on an breadboard and switch one end of a jumper wire one spot and did test out pilight with the nano. if you don’t get it to work going back is as easy to switch back to the old arduino and switch back that one jumper wire.