433MHz Humidity/Temperature sensor via ESPHome flashed Sonoff RF Bridge


is it possible, to configure my Sonoff RF Bridge (flashed with ESPHome) to work with Humidity/Temperature sensor (CUL TCM97001)?
This sensors are sending via 433MHz their data to the main station.

What I did before:

  • ESPHome is flashed
  • my 433MHz rollershutter are configured and working fine
  • after starting the advanced sniffing, I’m able to see a log entry when the humidity/temperature sensor transmit data:
    15:26:41 [I] [rf_bridge:077] Received RFBridge Advanced Code: length=0x06 protocol=0x0A code=0x5DB8631612

But I don’t know, if and how I can configure this as a sensor in ESPHome?

Thank you in advance!


Is it a Sonoff RF bridge 433 ( black one) or a Sonoff RF bridge R2 (white one)?
The black one can be flashed with Portisch which will open up for more protocols.

It is the black one and I already flashed it with the Portisch firmware.
I can see codes, when start sniffing via

  • bridge_start_advanced_sniff
  • bridge_start_bucket_sniffing

With bucket sniffing, I was able to configure my cover rolershutter.
But I don’t know, how to configure those humidity/temperature sensor.

Grab some captures of different values and find the pattern.

with bucket sniffing, I got following data:

AA B1 03 010E 00AA 0280 A09090909090909090 55 with temperature = 22.1 °C and humidity = 61%
AA B1 03 0122 00B4 02C6 A09090909091909091 55 with temperature = 22,8 °C and humidity = 81%
AA B1 03 00FA 00B4 02A8 A09090909090909090 55 with temperature = 23 °C and humidity = 91%

But I’m not able to parse this data.

Can you parse it using the on_advanced_code_received ?

After some days, I had time to play again with this.
Now, I have the following advanced code. With help of an FHEM perl module, I was able to decode this:


  • E8 might be the ID, but I don’t checked it with other sensors yet
  • 63C corresponds to the temperature of 20.8°C:
    0x63C - 0x4c4 = 0x178 * 5 = 0x758 / 90 = 0xD0 => 20.8
  • 58 corresponds to the humidity of 58%

But how can I configure an HT device in ESPHome, that every time the bridge receives this code, the entity in Home Assistant is updated?