433mhz PIR multiple codes?

I’m new to home assistant, and one of the first things I wanted to make “smart” was my mailbox so I could tell when the mail arrives, and also if my wife emptied it before I got home.

I have a sonoff rf bridge flashed with tasmota so I bought a cheap 433mhz pir and put it in the mailbox. It worked great on the first day, but now today it seems to be transmitting a similar, but different code so my automation isn’t triggering.

This is the pir that I have:

Anyone have experience with these, or have any thoughts of why I’m seeing different codes transmitted by this?

I set up another automation for the second code and everything was working fine for a few days. Today the automation didn’t trigger and I saw it was transmitting a third code.

The board says it’s a PIR815K, but I can’t really find any info about it

I have what I believe is the same unit.

If I recall correctly, there are a few codes can send.
One for motion detected is the only one I’m positive of.

The other ones it might be able to send, but I may be confusing it with another RF motion sensor I have are:
One for low battery,
One for Tamper Detected (an unsoldered pad for a switch to detect case open)
One for motion no longer detected

I can check mine for what it’s options are and the code for it when home later tonight to confirm.


I forgot about this until now. Are you able to investigate the one that you have, Silicon_Avatar?