433Mhz RF switches integration with homeassistant

I’m trying to integrate RF switches around in the house, so that we can toggle lamps on/off aswell other devices. I just brought the BroadLink RM Pro, in order to control our TV, but I was thinking if it could be configured to receive RF codes?

Have anyone tried doing this yet?

My suggestion would be to check with broadlink that the RF switches are compatible/supported as there are loads of different protocols when it comes to 433MHz RF.
Once confirmed, the way it normally works is to set your switch into sync/learn (that will depend on the switch itself, mines enter that mode the first 10 sec after they’re plugged the first time) and send an ON command to the switch to pair it.
I’m not familiar with BroadLink RM so take this as a generic guideline only

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I see, I was just wondering if the BroadLink actually could send data to Homeassistant it self. I guess thats a must in order for it to work.

Gheotic, try searching for Broadlink, there is a lot of discussion in the last week in the community.

Also look at the Broadlink Component. It looks like it should work.

Yeah but still no consistent listening for rf signals…
I’ve followed your advice checking this week’s forum and you are right, actually found a very similar post, so my bad. But thanks for your help😁

No problem, I am still just a beginner.

Still trying to figure out the formatting for like the automation editor and what information is current, some things will not work or how it works has changed under Hassio.

To listen for RF you need either RF Link, RF Switch or pilight. RF Link is the hardware but RF Switch and pilight you need to buy the receiver/transmitter hardware. The Broadlink cannot send RF info to HA it can only learn the commands to go to the devices to switch them on/off.

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