433mhz Tellstick replacement Recommendations

Hi Guys,

I have been using an old Telldus Tellstick which I had connected directly to my rpi. I recently upgraded and found that the Telldus core software for linux will no longer install on the latest version of Raspbian. I could downgrade my version of Raspbian, but it’s my understanding that Tellus core has not been updated for several years anyway. So a more upto date solution may be a better option.

I have quite a number of 433 products and I’m wondering if people could make any recommendations for an alternative to the Tellstick, which I can connect directly to my raspberry pi.

Any advice for suggestions would be much appreciated.

You can use the Broadlink rm3…

Great are you able to post a link to this product? Thanks

Slightly off your initial inquiry: What are your exact problems? I too have a tellstick (duo) on a RPi (3) with Raspbian. I did a dist-upgrade just last week* and could re-install telldus-core-2.1.2 with only minor problems (after recompiling). Maybe you don’t need new hardware, at least for this iteration?

* My apt/sources.list says ‘stretch’ now, that is the current version, yes? I never grokked the *bian “we’ll use names instead of version numbers so it’ll be harder to know which is the latest one” system.

Hi @henryk thanks for your input, when I tried to install telldus-core using apt-get there was a problem with something I cannot exactly remember what, but it failed to install that way and I’m no linux expert so unless I have a list of commands to follow I’m a bit stuck. but if it’s possible to get it working again, I’d rather do that than buy new hardware at this moment.

So if your able to share what you did, that would be much appreciated.

Apparently this is causing the problems libconfuse0 is no longer available for Debian