433mhz to MQTT hardware for "B1" Codes?

I have a Sonoff Bridge with tasmota which works for most of my 433mhz devices, but it doesn’t work with “B1” codes.

I have one group of devices that use B1 and are crucial to my HA setup, is there another device i can use to convert these RF codes to MQTT?

any help is greatly appreciated


Could give more info about these B codes and the devices that use this protocol ?

It’s random, i also i have a bunch of standard 433mhz remotes most work some don’t and it’s because the raw RF code starts with B1 and the bridge can’t do anything with it, i have installed Portisch RF firmware to sniff the B1 code in RAW mode. Which comes out as this

{“RfRaw”:{“Data”:“AA B1 03 019A 0398 0424 280809 55”}}

Every device that sends B1 after the AA doesn’t work with the bridge even though is 433mhz.

Apparently it’s possible to send a “B1” with the bridge but i really need to listen for it and send it via MQTT

if you are still interested , you can find mor einformation on the tasmota page:

there is a python script that converts B1 to B0 type codes
hope this helps