433mhz weather station not seen by HA

Hi all
I recently bought a Clas Ohlson (Cotech) weather station, rain/wind/temp, that uses 433mhz as radio. I’ve got a RFXcom 433XL set up controlling some other devices and sensors but I haven’t got the weather station working. I did a test with the 433XL connected to my PC with RFXmngr and nothing was seen even with all options enabled and the latest firmware, when I enabled “unknown” some strings passed by but was unreadable.
I guess the case is I have to wait for RFXcom to release a firmware with support for the cotech weather station?


Is it Model # WH-1080? If so, that is a clone of the Fine Offset device.

No, it seems to be a newer one. FT0203 I think it’s the model

Aha. A SainLogic product, I see.

The Sonoff RFBridge running Tasmota will dump raw packets from their 433 MHz weather station. But capturing those packets and decoding them as sensors into Home Assistant is a significant bit of development effort. See this web page for an example and Github page of someone who did a very complete job researching and decoding their 433 MHz data and doing it with an ESP8266.

I’m trying (and not entirely succeeding) at converting Axlan’s 8266 firmware to ESPHome, specifically to get Home Assistant compatibility. I just got started a week ago, and don’t have it running yet. It will probably be a few more weeks before I get something barely workable.

Wish I could give you better news.


You can take a look to RTL_433 is seems to support Cotech

Check that your model fits maybe.

You would need an RTL_SDR device but it is an interesting investment to explore RF.