4k TV Recommendation

I have the opportunity to purchase a new TV for use with HomeAssistant. Does anyone have a recommendation for a currently available 4k TV which can be turned on from sleep directly through HomeAssistant and also change the input?

I realize that using a Harmony Remote would allow me to do this without needing to access the TV directly but I’d like to avoid adding a device that isn’t needed. It looks like quite a few TVs have support for HomeAssistant but it’s less clear which ones support input switching as well as power control.

I have a Sony Bravia (XBR65X850D) with Android TV that I like. It has full support for input and even app changing, although there is no playback status for apps. It even supports Notifications for Android TV which allows me to put notifications on top of whatever content my TV is showing. It’s paired with an Onkyo TX-NR616 receiver which Home Assistant also has excellent support for.


@robbiet480 Thanks! Does it support power controls (on and off) through the API too?

Here’s everything that the media_player.braviatv platform supports as of this moment:

  • Next Track
  • Pause
  • Play
  • Previous Track
  • Select Source (input select)
  • Turn Off
  • Turn On
  • Volume Mute
  • Volume Set
  • Volume Step

I also have Sony tv - great intergration and a great hq panel.

i also have Bravia TV. Almost every functions required in our day today works