500 Error - Server got itself in trouble

I have 0.43.2 running on RPI3. At random intervals I get a 500 Error and cannot access HA UI. HA is still running as my automation still works ie light turning on /off. I have tried SSH into the pi but doesn’t work, neither SCP or even directly pluggin into a HDMI screen. Any ideas what could be the issue?

  • What shows up in your home-assistant.log file when you are getting 500 errors?

  • Are you running NGINX or Apache in front of it? If so, what is in those logs?

the problem is i can’t access the rpi to view the log file, the only way is to reboot (power off) and then nothing shows up in log file. The only error I do get after reboot is
WARNING (MainThread) [aiohttp.websocket] websocket connection is closing.
I am not running Apache or anything else other than the Hassbian img with mosquitto broker.

This sounds very much like a resource leak, where a process uses up all of a resource, preventing other processes from working. Resources that can be used up are things like memory, file descriptors or disk space.

There were a few components that were recently found to have bugs that kept eating up file descriptors.

To start with I would use the system monitor component to monitor as much as you can and see if resource keeps increasing. Then if you find something, you can remove components until it stops.

Thank you for advise, I will add system monitor and try to find out more that way, is there a way to find out what these components are that has been found so far?

Search the forum for something like ‘too many files’.