5CH Light Strip Controller

I found these RGBCCT light strips, but can’t find a way to control them with home assistant. There are lots of 3/4 channel controllers, but I would need 5 to control WW,CW,R,G,B, right?

I am comfortable programming and soldering if that’s relevant but new to light strips.

If you use the Smart Life App, you can integrate via the Tuya integration, unless you’re looking for an alternate rote.

Is there a reliable way to find out what (LED) chips these use?

I’m not sure I understand. That looks like an alternative to Home Assistant. Do they make a controller? Is that an ambiguous term? Again, I’m new to this.

Hmm… There’s this question that the seller responded saying you can reach out for the datasheet.

Sorry about that, after a quick glance at the link you provided in your initial post, I assumed it came with the WiFi controller, since it didn’t come with a controller, you have multiple options.

  1. The bottom line easiest approach, get the WiFi controller “B08L9GWJK1”, and set it up in the Magic Home App and then integrate with HA.

  2. If you’re currently using Zigbee in HA, get the Zigbee controller “B09NSK9ZBK” and integrate it in HA via Zigbee.

  3. Bluetooth is also an option with the Bluetooth controller “B09NQ15B5K”.

  4. If none of the above suites you, you can always go the Esphome route.
    RGBWW Light — ESPHome

Got it. Not sure how I missed the Magic Home controller. Thanks!