6 inch canless drop down lights

I want to get some canless 6 inch lights. I actually have some currently non-smart lights amico.

I was looking at the smart phillips smart lights. Anyone know if they will work?

https://amzn.to/3FXcFhq here is the exact model

also the amico is much cheaper can i use these as well?

thanks for your help. I am just getting into smart home stuff and plan on getting a docker image running on my truenas scale box.

the amico is just rebadge tuya lights, so you can use tuya integration or flash with esphome if you need de-cloud them.

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I just installed 6 of the Hue lights in addition to the 10 or so I already have. No issues with any of them, although I do have mine going through the Hue bridge.

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De-clouding them sounds interesting to me. Do these devices have an easy port to do that, or does it require soldering or something?

Do you think it is worth the extra money compared to these other cheaper lights?

I honestly couldn’t say. Even if the lights were of comparable quality, how well they work would also depend on how well your wireless network is performing (since we’re talking Zigbee LL vs WiFi).

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If the devices firmware aren’t patched yet then you can install via ota

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