62.1 and Mosquito = memory leak?

I have not had time to test this in depth yet. I install Mosquito after the builtin HBMQTT broker crippled my system. It is much faster and seems to really have helped my install, but now I seem to have a memory leak.

After .34 days of Hassio uptime I am down to 624.2 MB of free memory, still lots of room but every few hours that shrinks again. Not sure how low a Pi2 can go before there will be issues that require a reboot.

I know, very vague… I will test more as time allows.

Anyone else?

Experienced the same thing but on older versions. I’ve had this issue since at least 0.55 or so. https://community.home-assistant.io/t/memory-leak-hass-docker-container-version/25213