.76.1: z-wave node rename is gone, is there functionality to replace it?

I’ve been struggling to rename newly added z-wave nodes ever since I upgraded form a ancient version of home assistant to 0.84.2.

I’ve tried the solution provided by @tismondo , but it seems that the entity id is not changed, wich did happen in the old version of home assistant.

For instance, the entity id of the z-wave device is zwave.eurotronic_eur_spiritz_wall_radiator_thermostat after inclusion.

When I use the zwave.rename_node command to chnage it to “tkGroteZolderkamer”, I see that the node_name and friendly_name change, but the entity id is still zwave.eurotronic_eur_spiritz_wall_radiator_thermostat:

Any idea what I should do to have that changed?

See the docs which explain how you should be renaming entities these days.

So does the zwave.rename_node command no longer work to rename nodes? I’m rebuilding my hassio install (moving from pi to a vm), and zwave is the only place with issues. Half of my devices are correctly named at the node level (and all entities for those nodes are named appropriately). The other half just have a generic name for the node and all entities. I understand you’d prefer we just name all entities individually now, but I want to have a link back to the node. Is that no longer possible?

I have rebuilt mine and finding this to be a total ball ache… I don’t want to rename every single entity for each Zwave device, this is a huge step backward in my opinion.

If anybody wants things to change, open a feature request in the feature request section in this forum.

I’ve raised this as a feature request - zWave Device and Entity rename