92.2 won't restart (8 out of 10)


Ever since updating to 92.2, my instance won’t restart (8 out of 10) clicking the configuration/restart button. Logs shows many timeouts.

Could anything have changed causing this? I am aware of the former bluetooth issue, but didn’t experience that lately. Updating to 0.92 triggered this behavior. Haven’t seen a breaking change related to that, or did I miss it?

have to use SSH hassio ha restart now, but don’t really like to do so, and miss-out on the config-check.

thanks for having a look

how old is your original hassio install? Not the current build, the first time you installed it? Also, what’s your OS?

not really sure, can I see that somewhere? this is the system tab:

this is the system with very frequent timeout issues and also Hue unavailables…

have anoher setup, still in 84.3 (my production system, less error prone and more stable) which shows:

I think (…I know, should be certain) the latter is a Pi3b+ while the former is a Pi3b. It was originally installed before Hassos I think.

Verify that you can reboot/shudown/restart etc from SSH. If you can’t, something is wrong with your OS and it won’t work from home assistant.

yes I can, no problem. Id rather not though, because of the config-check that misses out on.

If those are working from ssh, then there’s no reason for them to fail in the UI. Perhaps you aren’t waiting long enough?

No, Im waiting alright. I can see the timeout in the log after a long while, there are many timeouts in 92.2 tbh.
It might also be caused by the fact I am starting some real Lovelace configurations and LL is rather heavy on the system.

(I am using my Hue light as indicators now for Lovelace being refreshed and reloaded…) proves (not causes) the system is under stress because of Lovelace.