.941 breaks wemo

After updating to .941 my four wemo wall switches show as enity not available. Rebooted all four still not available in hass.io. Wemo app sees them fine. Does something have to be added to the configuration.yaml file?
I added wemo: in the configuration. Yaml and they are all back. Did not need it in the prior version

I have the same issue but it has persisted for the last couple of versions. Weirdly though is that it would be unavailable for a long time and then a day later show up at least in previous versions. I have yet to see any of my wemo devices show up with 0.94.1. I was thinking to manually put in the ethernet ip’s in my configuration.yaml for the wemo devices to see if that fixes it.

It’s funny because in 0.94.1 I removed all references to Wemo and then added the Wemo integration. My single Wemo switch continues to be detected and working normally…

Note you also should have zeroconf: and ssdp: in configuration.

Both were added to the configuration file. I then had to add the wemo: to get my switches back.

I saw some mention in another thread that known. Yaml is no longer needed. I haven’t confirmed this, but maybe this is causing a conflict. I don’t know what caused mine to go away but I do know what brought them back.
My tplink switches don’t have any mention in the configuration file and they are found.
Again something that needs to be sorted out before 1.0 is released.
A positive for me is I am getting a better understanding of the configuration yaml file and how to add devices. When it is automatic I had no idea how and why?

I just re-read your reply. When you add zeroconf and sspd how do you force them to scan? I added them but did not see any change after the restart.

Well it just enables them…

When 2 years ago I started using HA, I had them auto-detect but after a while I had issues with them sometimes not being detected so I did a static address. With the 0.94.1 change I just removed the whole Wemo section and IP address and it’s working as before. There will also be an integration that pops up for it.

How do you get their intergration to pop up? I added the two changes, but I did not see the pop up as shown in the change file.


So do I remove wemo: and do a rescan of the intergration? Right now under intergration it shows : Wemo. I assume this comes from the yaml file.

OK I got this to work but removing all wemo devices from my Configuration → Entity Registry and then adding this to my configuration.yaml and restarting. It found my wemo devices. I guess I had wemo devices working from long ago when they were auto discovered and that persisted for awhile after some HA changes. I believe a recent wemo firmware upgrade messed it continuing to work with HA but this did the trick. I never did add zeroconf or ssdp to my yaml file. I am not sure if that is needed for anything.

  discovery: true

The changes came about because of ssdp (and ssdp and zeroconf are now included in default_config). I have no need to add specific Wemo discovery at all most probably because it says you need ssdp and zeroconf and if you have those it works.

I am on 0.97.2 with default_config: enabled and:

  discovery: true

and they still do not show up. At the same time Alexa can detect them just fine.

Hey Guys!
Did you manage to fix the problem?