A background slideshow for your dashboard

Hey HA-lovers,
I’ve created a script to change the dashboard’s background image every few minutes.



Thanks for creating - I was looking for something like this! A couple feature requests:

  1. Can you add a variable to customize the delay between images?
  2. Could you make it so we don’t have to rename the photos? It’d be nice for me to be able to just transfer/drag photos with their existing filenames over to that directory and then the script can do the work to generate the file list and select them.


Hey Skyv2,

  1. The variable is at the top of the javascript file, see readme.md. If you meant instead using a HA input, yes that would be nice, but I don’t know how a js script could access the server’s data.
  2. The file name convention is needed because the script can’t list all files available in the folder.
    It actually guesses which files are present in a continuous numerical sequence.

Hello Matteo! I’ve done all the steps but it’s not working. If i point directly to the file 0.jpg i can set a fixed background but then nothing happend and its not changing to 1.jpg etc. What can i do? Thanks

how can I make this work on my dashboard?

Did this stop working due to recent updates? Last Github issue was Sep 24, 2023 - not working.