A complete different take on the Home Assistant app

Ovio | An alternative native app for Home Assistant

For the past two years I have been working on an alternative app for Home Assistant. When I got into home automation I was quickly drawn to Home Assitant, however, I would have liked a more opinionated UI. I then decided to start a little experiment that grew a bit out of control.

Since it is opinionated, the Ovio app is less customizable. This comes with the advantage that setting the app up is quick.

Please be aware that the app is in an early stage and bugs may be present, if you find some please let me know!

You can check it out via → Download Link


:bulb: | Easily control your lights

You can easily control multiple lights at once and quickly set the right atmosphere by selecting one of the 12 pre-made light scenes.


:thermometer: | Control your thermostats and covers


:musical_note: | Media in a single panel

Control your media/shows/music from a single panel.

:lock: | Security Overview

A single place for your home security. Control your alarm with biometrics, see recently activated sensors, and lock/unlock your doors.


:brain: Drag & drop automation canvas

I created a canvas on which you can visually create automations. It integrates natively with Home Assistant automations. For the time being a limited amount of triggers and actions are supported. Let me know which triggers/conditions/actions you would like to see the most!

The video below gives a walkthrough!
Drag & Drop automation canvas

Feedback & Download link

The app is still in its early stages and I am very curious to hear your thoughts. I am actively looking for feedback, so any criticism, idea, feature request, or thought is more than welcome!

Download Link



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Unbelievable work !! Gonna be using this as my main dash from now on!

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In the latest release, support for toggles and fans has been added!



In the last update - conditions for the automation canvas have been added.


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Why is there no iPad optimised version…?

It really looks amazin, good job!
Unfortunately i’m a afraid my setup is to complex for this. It recognizes 136 switches with the title “unknown”… But I guess for someone who has a simpler and smaller setup this is fantastic!

Wel because I am building this as a solo developer and building a version that also works for tablets takes quite some work to do well. But the good news is that I am currently working on it!

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That was a bug after a Home Assistant update which will be fixed in the next release. I am currently evaluating a new way to auto-assign toggles to rooms. I have since learned that many toggles are connected to integrations instead of devices you want to control often. If you have any more feedback I would love to hear it!

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this looks awesome. wondering if some functionalities are picked up by the home assistant devs and incorporate them…

I will following this great work!

This looks amazing, but I get an error in the onboarding screen when I enter my home assistant url, it just says hub not found. Any thoughts?

That should not happen - I would be available to help you troubleshoot if you are open to it. Just send me a message.

When I try to log in with a user who does not have administrator privileges, I get a message that says ‘unable to connect to your hub’, despite having the correct Home Assistant address entered and permissions allowed on the iPhone for access to the local network. It works fine on an admin account, though. It’s a very nice and functional app, but without this option, it’s impossible to use.

I will look into this. Haven’t heard this feedback yet - very important to solve this, if indeed a reproducable issue. Thanks for sharing.

Amazingly done, keep up the nice work. Question, would it also be possible to use this as a UI instead of lovelace?

@rienkkk just wondering, is there a way to control HVAC fan using the app ?
i have been using this for good while now, but just suddenly noticed this, am I missing something?