A decent inexpensive smartbulb that plays well with HA

At the moment, we have a single Yeelight 1s Colour in my daughter’s room which acts as her nightlight as well. It’s actually really not that bad, but at its dimmest, it’s still quite bright. I hear that the Phillips Hue bulbs probably sink the lowest in terms of light intensity, but for a light that barely gets used, it’s not worth the price (of both Bulb and the Bridge to use the bulb). The other issue I’ve been having with Yeelight, and it’s actually the most annoying is that I spend hours getting it to play ball with HA and when it finally works, you find out hours or a day later that it’s unavailable (yet perfectly usable from the yeelight app) or the entity vanishes, etc. It’s just been a constant struggle with that one bulb and I was thinking about an alternative.

What do you guys use that can go quite dim, that has decent enough colours and that works well with HA? I’ve also recently purchased one of these (yet to receive it and try it out), so hopefully Zigbee options might also be worth mentioning.

Lifx lights. Communicate directly with HA via wifi, excellent colour and brightness. Cheaper than Hue, but still on the expensive side.

Check out this blog post for other recommendations (watch the video):

Wiz bulbs (not HUE) work well in HA via wifi.

I’ve been using the tplink bulbs, the KL50B with the filament is my favorite so far.

Globe electric smartbulbs flashed with Tasmota and connected with mqtt. If you are in North America you can get them at costco for 8$/bulb, less on sale and in my case from the the big box outlet store where all the costco returns go for $2 a bulb. They were less than standard a19 led bulbs.