A few add-ons: WireGuard Easy, MeTube, speedtest, emulatorjs

I made a few addons and posted to a custom repo.


These are all poorly written so feel free to make improvements. They all build locally on your homeassistant, so will pull in the latest updates/docker image automatically when you rebuild. All are based on other people’s docker images. Only the WireGuard has modifications for homeassistant, which may not stay up-to-date (wireguard will update however).

  • WireGuardEasy: Wireguard + UI . Clients can be made/removed/disabled/monitored with ingress! Hopefully it is secure, but not an expert. I am proud of this one!

  • MeTube: A youtube downloader with UI through ingress

  • EmulatorJS: A web-based retro console emulator. No ingress

  • Speedtest: A webbased speed test. No ingress

  • Earthwalker: You get dropped somewhere in the world in Google StreetView, and the goal is to you find out where you are and guess your location more precisely than all of your friends.

  • Tasmocompiler: A simple web GUI which allows you to compile fantastic Tasmota firmware with your own settings.

  • Scribble.rs is an alternative to the web-based drawing game skribbl.io.

  • Virtual Tabletop is a free to use platform for creating and playing games.