A few qt-openzwave questions/issues

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having some instability in my z-wave network so I decided I should try qt-openzwave to check if it improves my situation. Now I have a new issues but i’m not sure if it’s my networks fault or qt-openzwave bugs/limitations. In the past I had to add a few devices using ozwcp because if I did it through HA they wouldn’t get added. As I know there are a few devs around i thought i’d ask before submiting issues.

Migration process: Stop Z-wave network in HA. Remove native Z-Wave integration. Stop HA core. Create and start docker container for ozwdaemon. Start HA. Add HACS component. Download ozwd windows client into my desktop.

  1. Most of my zwave devices don’t show up as Z-Wave Plus but I know for sure I added them securely in HA. For example the Qubino Light Dimmer and Fibaro FGS223. However I had a FGBS-222 that was disconnected and marked as dead and after starting it up and refreshing the node it’s now marked as Z-Wave +. It’s the only node where this happens. Tried the same procedure for the other ones but it doesn’t work.

  2. I get Command class 0x32 not supported in OZW log and I don’t seen any power reports in HA. Is this a planned feature? Any rough roadmap?

  3. The Fibaro FGS223 is a dual channel switch but I only get the first channel added to HA. Is this a qt-openzwave issue? How can I tell?

  4. A battery powered Vision Garage door detector is missing alot of info and doesn’t get created in HA.This should be supported right? It only uses basic command class.


So after tinkering a litlle bit I can reply to myself.

  1. After refreshing again i now see the devices as z-wave plus.
  2. Don’t know what this is impacting. Currently I can see the power reports.
  3. After refreshing this device now I have both channels and power reports.
  4. I still wasn’t able to refresh this one.

The entity names are killing me though. Seems like the zwave-mqtt component doesn’t follow the same logic as the native component. I have a few upgrades to do though so maybe its already fixed.

This is working pretty good for a pre-release integration. :slight_smile:

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hi jmc added them secure buth i dont have zwave plus or the power metering any guesses how to solve it?