A flaw in the otherwise brilliant snapshot restore feature?

Unfortunately I had to do a complete re-build of HA on my Pi today but that is another story.

Snapshot restore is a truly brilliant feature but I think it has a flaw. I use the Dashio add-on and the restore didn’t restore it. I had to manually add the Dashio repository before it would do so.

Now I suppose I could just about think of reasons why that might be by design but perhaps some kind of warning if that this the case would be good?

It did of course restore the Dashio config once the add-on had been installed again.

I agree - it worked better than expected for me (and solved a big potential problem) but also it can create unexpected results with items in the left menu if you are migrating from one system to another - like configurator and iframes, because it retains the local DNS name references from the original install. Not easy to fix - so just be aware

When editing my configuration.yaml on my new system it was actually updating my original Pi system and not the newer NUC I was moving to because the older system was still online whilst I transitioned.

Still a great feature though - saved me a lot of work.