A frustratingly Periodic API error when Service Call executed from Node Red

I’m having trouble diagnosing this one, and could use some help.

Periodically, I’ll get an API error when running a service call. Most of the time this is results from a motion sensor telling a light to turn on - so when the turn_on (or sometimes turn_off) call is made, the error occurs. Because I’m not sitting at my PC watching the Node Red debug screen, the only way I know there was an API error is the service call node itself says API error underneath it.

If I go to supervisor > Node Red > Logs I can see logs, but not from the past - so the error isn’t there. How can I view logs from the past?

If it matters/helps, this error happens the most when the flow has not been triggered for a few hours. I initially thought it was a lag in my Zigbee network - so I disabled one of the flows in NR, and build the identical automation in the native HA automations - and it works flawlessly and instant. So I started looking at NR as the culprit, and noticed the API errors. And, now that I think on it, I upgraded NR a few weeks ago, and that is when these problems began materializing. I cannot figure how to downgrade to an earlier NR version.