A good budget webcam? Any suggestion?

Currently, I’m running several sonoff cameras and yiCam (which is now starting to break down) So looking for a replacement. Any suggestion? preferably something like sonoff has rj+wifi and can be zoomed. Oh and hopefully price is bearable hahahaha

Without knowing what kind of system you are connecting the camera to (or maybe only HA) in my experience I would try to go for a known & well supported brand. I spent years using & struggling with a range of cheap & nasty cameras & have regretted it.
Its fairly true to say that you get what you pay for.

agree with that, so far the sonoff is cheap and good. However looking for something like reolink or ezviz for my front gate camera… something that can be zoomed to be honest. The rest sonoff is good enough

I recently replaced all my el-cheapo outdoor cameras with Reolink (rlc-410-5mp & rlc-423-5mp connected to Blueiris) & have been very happy with the result.
Its true that Reolink sometimes get a less than perfect reputation. While not perfect (what is?) I find them to perform very well in most situations in my home environment & competitive in price.

Thanks for the info

did you get the cable version or wifi?

All my outdoor cams are poe but I do have one Reolink E1 Zoom wifi that should do what you want.

Indoors, I’d recommend Amcrest models:
Amcrest IP2M-841 $44
Amcrest IP3M-941 $58
Amcrest IP4M-1051 $70

Outdoors, I’d recommend Dahua/Loryta models:

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I like Aqara camera - excellent HomeKit Secure Video integration, tiny camera, has been very solid reliability in my experience.

how is the integration to home assistant?