A lovelace remote control card

i created a nice & simple remote control card for broadlink that is super easy to configure

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Thanks man!

Would love if you could change up your github to make it HACS compatible !

actually, already did :slight_smile:

they merged my change and it will probably be available in next version of hacs

Thanks for putting this together - very cool!

However, I’m seeing something weird where a custom remote that I built won’t load on my mobile device. It shows up on my desktop just fine, but not mobile. Any reason why that you can think of? I basically just copied “simple” and then customized the JS and the images.


I installed with HACS but it doesn’t show the remotes. +
Can you fix?

Very cool - however, can you allow to control multiple devices via some sort of selections? and allow to control not with boardlink?

What i’m thinking is can these buttons be configured to call a python script then from the python scripts I can program it to call different devices, etc?

For example, the power button can call a python script function with a param such as ‘power’ (and maybe allow user to configure any number of parameters). Then the python script does the rest.

I agree - will have a look if it can use other services - should not be too tricky, although I suspect the number of possible combinations in the code could blossom pretty quick!

The other thing for me is that this great resource is not easy to find in HACS. “content-card-remote-control” did not op up when I was looking for remotes!

i am really loaded in this time and cant get to update it… but PRs are very very welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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created new one, that supports any service

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Excellent - I now have my weekend project … to leverage logitech harmony and broadlink hubs with a “remote control” on screen!

@dimagoltsman, do you recommend any tools for the pixel assignments on a picture to help with the layout for a new remote control image?

Or do you just use the F12 in the browser method?


actually im really bad at design… (im a backend engineer in my profession), so a friend created the remotes designs for me…

just add new manual card and paste one of the examples .

use the new version: https://github.com/dimagoltsman/generic-remote-control-card (its also in hacs)