A lovelace remote control card

i created a nice & simple remote control card for broadlink that is super easy to configure

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Thanks man!

Would love if you could change up your github to make it HACS compatible !

actually, already did :slight_smile:

they merged my change and it will probably be available in next version of hacs

Thanks for putting this together - very cool!

However, I’m seeing something weird where a custom remote that I built won’t load on my mobile device. It shows up on my desktop just fine, but not mobile. Any reason why that you can think of? I basically just copied “simple” and then customized the JS and the images.


I installed with HACS but it doesn’t show the remotes. +
Can you fix?

Very cool - however, can you allow to control multiple devices via some sort of selections? and allow to control not with boardlink?

What i’m thinking is can these buttons be configured to call a python script then from the python scripts I can program it to call different devices, etc?

For example, the power button can call a python script function with a param such as ‘power’ (and maybe allow user to configure any number of parameters). Then the python script does the rest.