A monitor-only thermostat?

I have a water heater with its own thermostat.
I monitor the temperature and the heating state with sensor.temperature and binary_sensor.heater_is_on.

I’d like to put the two sensors in a climate entity so that they display nicely in the Thermostat and Entity Cards. I particularly like the way they show the History. But I can’t work out how to do it.

I can successfully control a heater using Climate with Generic Thermostat, but I don’t think I can use this to monitor.

I also have a Hive integration for heating, which I think is doing what I want. I think the key is that it has attribute hvac_mode: auto, which I think means monitor, don’t control, the heater. But the Generic Thermostat does not support setting the hvac modes.

Any pointers for how I should do this?

Many thanks!

Have a look on this one, maybe it does, what you want :wink:

Thanks for that.
I don’t think that works for me, unless I am missing something.

heater (Required): entity_id for heater control, should be a toggle device or a valve accepting direct input between 0% and 100%. If a valve is used, pwm parameter should be set to 0. Becomes air conditioning switch when ac_mode is set to true.

Looks like this still has to be in control of the on/off of the heater. I am looking for something that can just monitor the state of the heater’s built-in thermostat.

It did inspire me to look at several thermostats in HACS, but I think they all want to control the heater.

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