A more generic humidifier integration?

This might be something I would be willing to implement, but I’d like to hear feedback and also understand the current design choices.

In my home, I have an awair air monitor, a wyze smart plug ,and a Venta air washer humidifier plugged into the smart plug. Currently, I use the generic_thermostat integration on heat mode hooked up to the awair humidity sensor and the wyze smart plug. It works perfectly for me to set humidity to 45% in our living room, except that the thermostat card makes it seem like I’m heating rather than humidifying. It’s a minor irritation to me, but I don’t want some guest turning my humidity up because they think they’re turning up the heat.

Home Assistant also comes with a humidifer integration and related card that is almost identical looking to the thermostat card, but strangely it cannot just be hooked up to a sensor and smart plug, it seems to just expect some form of smart humidifier I think.

I’d love to have an easier way to control and display a humidifier – I imagine I’m not the only person with a humidity sensor and a humidifier that can be turned on and off by smart plug. In the summer I will probably want the same thing for my dehumidifier.

It seems that there could be a couple options:

  1. expand the humidifier integration so that it can take a separate sensor and smart plug

  2. expand the thermostat integration and card to support a humidifier/dehumidifier mode in some way. really the thermostat can function exactly as it does, just have a different display (and maybe different configuration language if wanted)

  3. make it easier to customize the thermostat card display

Number 2 actually seems the most straightforward and the least amount of coding change. Would this be something that might be accepted as a PR?


I’ve a non-smart dehumidifier on a Zigbee switch with a Zigbee humidity sensor in the room and I’d like to create a device in the humidifier domain so that it can be used similarly to a supported smart humidifier. Also I’ve got other rooms with air extractors that I’ve made similarly controllable with humidity sensors that I’d like to build into custom humidifiers. But they need Lovelace cards and I’m trying out mini-humidifier, but its not clear how to get these to work with custom humidifiers.

One possibility is to use templating to expand the attributes of the custom humidifiers so that they match that of real ones that the integrations accept just as readily. Has anyone done this?

I too would like to see these changes to the Humidifier Card. I have a Aprilaire Humidifier that is controlled by entity: switch.humidifier and have set up a little code that takes a humidity reading to control that switch. Would be nice to have options in the Humidifier Card to define a sensor and control entity.

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This does exist now: