A more plug & play option for getting started?

Is there a more plug & play way of getting started with HA?

I have 14 Inovelli Blue (Zigbee) switches and a Phillips Hue hub. I have both integrated into HA using zigbee2mqtt for the former.

I did the Hue integration first and that resulted in a usable default dashboard with rooms, light groups, lights, and scenes. So far, so good. After adding the Inovelli devices, the default dashboard now looks like this:

I don’t really want to troubleshoot this right now. I just want a simple dashboard to turn the switches on/off and dim them. I can use the Hue app to control those devices if needed. I’d also like to set some of their parameters in bulk but I can probably figure out how do that with a Python script through the API (which I have running).

Is there a more plug & play option for getting HA to work better right now? Something like the Phillips Hue app interface or even the Smartthings UI? Would switching to ZHA make a difference? I only went with Z2M because they offered a more user friendly firmware OTA update interface.

I have 20 years of programming experience and I’m sure I could figure this out but I just don’t have the time to learn all this right now. Now that I have all the switches’ firmware updated, I’m tempted to punt on HA and just go back to Smarthings. Hoping I can find an easier and user friendly way to get HA going instead.

The default dashboard displays all entities and arranges them in whatever manner that fits the screen. Given more than just a few entities, the default dashboard becomes unwieldy for daily use.

The default dashboard is merely for convenience (here’s everything you have). Most users create their own dashboard and place what they want where they want it.