A 'negative' state_filter in a picture_entity card (a catch all/ default filter)

I’ve set up the a home/not_home indication for the family members.
As the sensor for person has multiple states, not just ‘home’ / ‘not_home’ it would be great to have a state_filter that says ‘home’ for one setting, and anything else, ie ‘not(home)’ for another setting.
I currently have to set a ‘default’ image that marks people as not home, and then add a state_image that is set for the state ‘home’.
That seems to handle it, but requires for me to have created two images, and if I want to change the visual marking of home/not_home it has to be done with the images, and not just css filters.
It could be handled with a default filter setting maybe?

Hi Fribse! Did you ever get an answer for this? Seems like it would be very useful!

Nope, give it a vote :slight_smile:

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Voted. I also need this (same use case).