A new "core" file appeared (size ~1GB)

I noticed a a new file named “core” in the “/config” folder:



It is huge.
Never noticed it before.
What could it be?

HA in container

The file should be there, but the size seems out of line… Mine is 9124KB, that would be 10MB if I’m not mistaken…

Have you done any recent updates (out of the ordinary)?

No, usual things - just updating HA & plugins.
Strange that the file was created & last modified within a few minutes.

Checked my test 2022.7 setup - it does not have this file.
Also it does not exist in 2022.12.8.

I wonder what is a purpose of this file (even when it is small)?

Moved this huge file to another folder, rebooted HA. Seems to be OK so far…

This is a coredump (a dump file in case of any crash to help in debugging). If it’s comes everytime, then you may have something crashing on your HA instance (depending on the install method…).
You can try the command “file core” in the folder where the core file is to determine what generated this core file.

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Thanks a lot!
Unfortunately I already deleted it))), cannot run that “file core” command.

I will continue monitoring.
The file appeared on 26.04, I do not recall anything extraordinary that day…

For sure you can safely delete it ! Just monitor that there no new core everyday :slight_smile:

I have a weird habit to check a whole log everyday)))

Have it too :hugs:

(and that’s my job BTW…)

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Thanks for the tip, mine is already one and half years old, so probably should delete it. :slight_smile: Thanks! :wink: