A new HASS hardware setup selection problem

I have been using the Xiaomy Gateway v2 for over 10 years, mostly ZigBee sensors, power outlets and WiFi lights. It’s still ok, however, there starting to arise issues with vendor lock, closing dev. modes, separating with Aqara, not supporting a lot of new devices.

I am looking for a better solution than purchasing their latest hub.

My requirements include seamless Home Assistant integration, cloud/updates/any alike vendor’s garbage cutoff option, predominantly wireless operation for multiple(20-50) devices with fast and reliable response in the presence of multiple WiFis(for example - I hate bluetooth, half of tested WiFi sometimes feel sluggish, however, some of them are ok for their job), area coverage of up to 100m2, support for a wide range of devices, and a price that is not sky-high over Xiaomy’s pricing.

Please do share your related experience and advice regarding newer and better hardware ecosystems that align with my requirements.

Info on HA and Zigbee

Definitely a great set of articles. Yes, Zigbee has been proven to be a suitable solution for my environment. However, a link alone is not an answer to the question. Are you suggesting that I need to look into specific Zigbee system?