A Open Letter to HA Devs, Mods & Forum Members

I just wanted to be sure to thank everybody who is involved with the greatest open source project for home automation.

Especially in these times, with everything going on around us these days, it is a great way to escape the reality that we live in today. With this pandemic surrounding us all, we are lucky enough even if it’s for a short time to distract us from going crazy in our minds.

I have been here for around 2 years now and looking back I would have never imagined that this community would have given me so much satisfaction. It hasn’t been a easy road but I would not take back any of the “bumps” that I faced along my journey. Each bump has caused a learning experience for me that is priceless and that I wouldn’t take back given the chance. And the best part of it all is I haven’t even traveled very far down this road and I still have a lot to learn. But I completely enjoy every minute of it, even when I start cussing at my poor laptop after changing configurations a million times without the desired results.

So long story short, I want to thank EVERYBODY that has contributed to this community from the hard working Devs that put many many hours of time trying to prefect the user experience and integrate new features to the moderators that keep these pages easier and organized so we can find the information that we need.

And I certainly can’t forget all of the wonderful members that have personally helped me along the way or the countless others that helped others by giving examples that I always find to be extremely helpful.

I always try to express my gratitude and I’m completely sincere when I do, I seriously could not have gotten so far if it wasn’t for you! I love you all here and hope that one day I can also help somebody like I use to be get going on the correct path. I always try to help where I can and will continue to do so.

@balloob - Just a personal message to you, I’m blown away at the way you see things moving forward to this project. I just want you to know that I as well as many other members thank you for what you have done here and I will always try my best to pay it forward.

Stay sane and healthy my friends, I believe the human race will be better people when we reach the light at the end of this mess going on around us all.



I am guessing you will get a lot of “me too” responses, so let me be the first.


I’m counting the hearts as “me too” but let me say in B&W: ME TOO!

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Usually when I see “an open letter” somewhere it’s someone bitching about something, so this was a nice change of pace!


Yeah that was my first thought too. Nice to know we were wrong!


I truly meant every word, it’s times like this that makes people step back and really appreciate the good things around us. This platform and forum “family” I will never take this part of my life for granted. The hundred of hard working people that take time out of their day to help a total stranger, write code, fix code is inspiring to me.

On my days off my when my wife asks “what time did you go to bed last night?”

I respond: “ I was up late, doing lines of code “

Lol Lines of code, yea it’s a dad joke, I can’t help myself!

Seriously, I appreciate each and everyone of you all!


I know the feeling. I’m not even using HA yet. My house runs on a different system which I’m done with. So I decided to go HA. So these days I keep myself busy learning and testing HA. Yesterday I build myself a powered USB hub from some old cables and a power supply just because one of my RPi’s complained about low power. And since I don’t really want to go to a store right now and building one myself is faster then ordering one online :joy:
Doesn’t look pretty, but it dissapears into a closet anyway. And I had fun doing it.
Now I’m using a z-wave stick, cc2531 and a Bluetooth stick at the same time on a RPi. And figured out how to send the raw serial data over the network to my HA system. Big fun!

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I like making things too, I decided to take a WiFi Dimmer that normally goes into the wall (I had trouble with signal loss in the wall) and converted those into dimmable extension cords. This works so much better now. Nice strong signal and now I can dim anything that I plug into them with a nice strong signal. These generic plugs pair with my Phillips hue hub. I love them now! Repurposing is the key sometimes.

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I can totally find myself in your words. I guess this resembles most of us here.

Thanks for sharing, :heart:


Well stated. This is a great project and an even better community. I know the pandemic has allowed me some time to really solidify how I use home automation.

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This is definitely one of the more positive online forums im an active member of – generally people are very helpful and super positive.

Its just so very pleasant!


100% I know it’s a thankless job and the expectations can be high. Kudos to those clever enough to contribute. I hope to learn enough to start contributing some value back as well.