A poor man's gas monitor to HA (camera, Python, OpenCV and ML)

I’ve created a python script that reads value from spinner meter (gas meter) and pushes to MQTT which is being read by HA.


Instructions on how to do it are here: gas_monitor/instructions at main · erkexzcx/gas_monitor · GitHub


Hi there, I tried getting OpenCV working on my RPI3B+ as my HA is running on Unraid Virtual Machine and Pi4 for sharing Bluetooth, ZWave etc.

It was taking ages, well I gave up after about 2 hours doing the python wheel install as I think it hung up. I dont really want it running on my RPI4 as thats running HA along with my VM of HA. Or does OpenCV have to be running on both anyway? I just want my Unraid PC doing the bulk of the work and the RPI3 just streaming to it.

Just wondering how you managed it?