A presentable voice assistant satellite

I have a question. If we use a Bluetooth speaker like the one in this build, why using audio output through amplifier (that may generate noises and headaches)? Can we use instead the bloototh connection (that is usually available in all ESP32 boards) to connect to the speaker itself for audio output? Hoping, by doing so, we can use the volume controls on the speaker without supplementary programming (I’m guessing), and remove the problematic amplifier from the build. Esp32 board will be used for wakeword, incoming audio through microphone and led lights. Can it be done?

I don’t believe this is currently possible. Most examples I’ve seen or used turn off Bluetooth when microwakeword is enabled. Someone in another thread said you can output audio to a media player, but it has to be defined in the ESPHome configuration and you may or may not have to allow the device to make HA service calls. Just be sure to enable it on the device after it’s added to HA. You would use one of the 2 services below

# In some trigger
  # Simple
  - homeassistant.service:
      service: notify.html5
        message: Button was pressed
  # With templates and variables
  - homeassistant.service:
      service: notify.html5
        title: New Humidity
        message: The humidity is {{ my_variable }}%.
        my_variable: |-
          return id(my_sensor).state;

I have had some time to look at this. And the microphone part is not possible, unless you have a device with headset_head_unit profile. PulseAudio does not support handsfree_head_unit profile, which most Bluetooth speaker would have, like mine. I could use the audio output of the speaker with the add-on, but unfortunately I couldn’t get the microphone work through Bluetooth.

If PulseAudio would have ofono as well, then it could work, but I guess, that is a different issue with HAOS.