A real mediaserver

You have integrated a simple media server, what about taking the whole step, and fork the code that the media server SubSonic is based on? Its small, fast and have very nice layout. Its programmed in java, but i think someone have created a docker container for it, so it could run besides Home Assistant in a container!?

What features do you want? A fair amount of work has already been put into the existing one, and it’d be a shame to let it go to waste. Also the UI needs to fit in with the rest of the frontend.

And it is a


media server already.

Combining would be lot of work for small use case.

Subsonic has API. Maybe integration is more what you want. This is less work and probably same benefit.

Or even just put subsonic ui into iframe inside ha UI

SubSonic presents the albumart in a nice way, and collects the metadata, so you can make it play all the Grunge in your music collection, for example.

I would be satisfied with the media functionality in home assistant, if it would automount any usbdrive that i connect to it, so that i could attach some of my usb3 harddrives to it, and decommision my nas and the SubSonic server.

I have home assistant installed in a refurbished nano form factor dell computer with i3, 16 GB ram and a 128 GB ssd, with 4 usb3 connectors, and its very energy efficient. And in the end, i would like to integrate every home network service in that machine, preferabily with Home Assistant as supervisor, and everything with the same ui usermodel… (o;

I think its a genious property of Home Assistant, that it can run in a container, and with every added functionality, such as a real media server in its own container, you dont muddle the home assistant project!
Im messing with freenas at the moment, on an old proliant microserver, to create a PXE boot server, but could such functionality get integrated also, it would be really cool, thou i understand that the average Home Assistant user, probably isnt meant to be nerds, but just proficient it users… (o;

Now i have your attention, i would like to ask, if the plugins in the HACS are supposed to get integrated into the more established Home Assistant? I had to uninstall HACS, because my system stopped working when i installed it.
By the way, could I as a subscriber buy an hour of teamviewer support for my hassio installation?

If you want to run subsonic in a container, there’s lots of addons you can install using an addon in Home Assistant OS. There’s already a modified Samba and Plex addon that can work with USB drives, however they need to be on a supported filesystem.

What do you mean?

Can you try installing HACS again, and post the logs?

You mean Nabu Casa? I don’t think so, but you could post in the forum category Feature Requests.

Also, I’m available for support via direct messages; however not all the time, and hopefully you would still share the solution publicly on the forums.

Im installing hacs at the moment, and I have just acknowledged that “I know that everything inside HACS is custom and untested by Home Assistant”… So my question was whenever functions in HACS will become tested and installable through the “Add-on Store” - as a tested and accepted Home Assistant function?

The reason I installed HACS, was that i wanted the eWelink function to control a sonoff relay, without changing the firmware! Now the installation is finished, and everything seems fine - I might have been activating the deamon and other options in the hacs integration last time, but now i dont. - Now im focusing on getting the ewelink sonoff function to work. 2 hours later - and now it works: I had to install it through hacs, but in the instruction it did say that moving the SonoffLAN folder to custom_components was enough, but it wasnt.

Yes, i meant Nabu Casa, and will consider stating it as a feature request - it would be a great way to learn, for those of us ready to pay for some one-on-one! - I still have so much to learn about Home Assistant… I havent got luck with any automations or blueprints yet!