A scene for ledstrip does not work, but another does work. Why?

Hi there,

I’ve some strange behavior with 2 scenes for a led strip. I like to have bright & white light during the day, and a less bright and warmer light in the evening.
So I have 2 scenes: warm and cold.

The warm scene works perfectly. But the cold scene turns the strip to almost red. Why?

Here is what I did:

  1. I created the scene via the UI
  2. I set the correct scene manually and checked for the MQTT data for RGBW, HS, etc.
  3. I entered that data manually in the scenes.yaml file

But when I test the scene, the cold scene doesn’t work.

This is the scene script

- id: "1643369751653"
  name: Keuken lichtstrip - koel
      min_mireds: 150
      max_mireds: 500
        - blink
        - breathe
        - okay
        - channel_change
        - finish_effect
        - stop_effect
        - color_temp
        - hs
      color_mode: hs
      brightness: 254
        - 43.6
        - 86
        - 255
        - 241
        - 162
        - 0.415211980162654
        - 0.395434886759171
      color_temp: 300
        hue: 43.6
        saturation: 86
        x: 0.415211980162654
        y: 0.395434886759171
      linkquality: 136
      friendly_name: licht.keuken.strip
      supported_features: 63
      state: "on"
      brightness: 254
        hue: 43.6
        saturation: 86
        x: 0.415211980162654
        y: 0.395434886759171
      color_temp: 300
      linkquality: 136
      unit_of_measurement: lqi
      icon: mdi:signal
      friendly_name: licht.keuken.strip linkquality
      state: "136"

Your suggestions are very welcome!

Why is that scene attempting to control a sensor entity?


No clue as it comes with the UI. However, the correct functioning scene has the same entry. And I tested without this section, but no difference.