A simple Energy Entity Card that works with the `energy-date-selection`

Hi all,

I created the Energy Entity Card to fill a feature gap when setting up custom energy dashboards. While the built in power cards along with things like the Sankey Chart Card all link up and follow the date range set by the energy-date-selection, I couldn’t find a simple card that could do the same. Hence the creation of this one!

Right now the card is super simple. You just set an entity (optionally name/unit) and it’ll show the current figure for it based on what’s selected by the energy-date-selection card.

You can then add as many or as few of these to your dashboard as you like, mixing and matching them with other energy-date-selection aware cards.

As a small bonus feature, the card will work with any entity that supports home assistant statistics, so for example you could use it to see how many steps you did in a day/date range or anything else you can think up.

If this sounds useful at all to you, I’d love to get some feedback/thoughts on building it out further.