A simple remote control to sat recievers ( openWebif , openPli )

I created a webpage to control OpenWebif OpenPLi systems using the API, which replaced the IR control. OpenWebif is a web interface and API that allows for the basic control of Enigma2-based set-top boxes. It enables users to send messages to the screen, retrieve lists of movie items, and perform other control functions. The Enigma2 platform, which runs on Linux-based set-top boxes, can be controlled using the OpenWebif plugin. This integration allows for the control of the set-top box through the web interface. OpenWebif is an open-source, browser-based interface for Enigma2-based set-top boxes, and it provides various functionalities for controlling these systems

u can find it here : https://github.com/v12345vtm/HomeAssistantOpenWebifRemote