A small RESTful Sensor

Hello Guys,
it took me a long time to take a look again in your lines. :wink:
So now i will look if i can setup a small home assistant instance.

Here is my first problem:
i have a Restful Sensor.
i want to extract the temperature from this json


i have already tried a bit.
But nothing worked…


How does your value_template: look like?

Don’t laugh about me.

value_template: '{"variable":{"name":"Aussentemperatur.temperature","readonly":true,"type":"attribute","value":{value_json.state}"unit":"°C"},"success":true}'

Try: {{ value_json.variable.value }}

Hello @fabaff thanks.
It’s working.

I will come back by implementing a RESTful Switch.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen