A Smarter Smart Vacuum - even easier hands-off cleaning

I’ve just finished my write up of some extra features I’ve added to my smart vacuum. They all help make it feel just a little smarter and minimise my input in keeping floors clean!

(Yes, the first vacuum upgrade should always be adding googly eyes!)

My custom dashboard makes for really easy targeted cleaning and you can quickly see how long it’s been since each room was cleaned. I also don’t have to worry about the bin getting full, the vacuum will just go and wait by the bin when it has been cleaning for an hour since it was last emptied.

In more detail the features are:

  • A custom dashboard with:
    • Vacuum status + Bin in time
    • Live map
    • Room toggles (including the number of repeats)
      • Each room shows the days since it was last vacuumed
    • The time indicator turns red when rooms surpass a threshold time since cleaning
    • Buttons to clean the selected rooms or summon the vacuum to the bin
  • Auto go-to-bin: If 60mins of cleaning has elapsed since the dustbin was last removed:
    • The vacuum will wait until docked after the current cleaning is complete
    • Then, it will go to the bin if the room it is in is occupied or it will wait until that room is next occupied to go to the bin
    • Once the dustbin is replaced, the bin is considered emptied and the vacuum will return to the dock. (This also works if you press return home on the vacuum or use another override feature)
  • Time since each room was last cleaned:
    • Rooms are automatically selected for the next clean when the time since their last clean has surpassed a custom thresholds. (Just unselect to override)
  • Cast the custom dashboard - The dashboard is displayed on a Google Hub when:
    • Requested via voice command
    • Whenever the vacuum is cleaning
  • A custom vacuum status that includes all the various extra features as well as general vacuum statuses

I’ve written up a full guide on this project which you can read here.
It includes links to download the YAML for the dashboard, the NodeRED code and full details on how to achieve something like this yourself.
So long as you have a home assistant integrated vacuum, it should be simple. My guide is based on a vacuum with Valetudo RE installed so if you have that then it’s even easier.

Check out some of my other writeups here and feel free to ask any questions, I’d be happy to help.


How are you accessing all this on your Hub?

I use catt though I guess you could acheive similar results with the built in cast features. I created a lovelace panel and then just cast it to the hub

WOW :star_struck: You smashed it. Thanks for putting this guide together :+1:


Thanks! I love seeing others find these little writeups useful :smiley:

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I’ve just stumbled upon this thread and realized it’s been a couple of years since you shared your awesome smart vacuum setup. I hope it’s been serving you well all this time! :grin:

I’ve just stumbled upon this thread and realized it’s been a couple of years since you shared your awesome smart vacuum setup. I hope it’s been serving you well all this time!
Your custom dashboard and the various features you’ve added truly take hands-off cleaning to a whole new level. It’s impressive how you’ve managed to streamline the process and keep track of when each room was last cleaned. The auto go-to-bin feature is a real game-changer, ensuring that the vacuum doesn’t miss a beat.
If anyone’s looking to level up their smart vacuum game, they should definitely check out your full guide at https://rcrsocal.com/. You’ve provided all the necessary YAML, NodeRED code, and step-by-step instructions to make it happen.