A sound packs option

A way to help new to HA people and make adding sounds in a more friendly way, I am fine but some people will struggle as its not as easy for all with all the infomation out there, so I side menu option say sounds, and list of sound packs you have installed.

Sound packs could be managed with a tick box next to them, and create a rule were a yaml or another type of file has to be in the zip stating pack name so that its listed properly and knows what folder to remove if you click delete.

This way only approved sound packs would be added, done in the correct way (simular to how the blueprints exchange works).

this would also help blend into the select local sound for media players, but instead of listing all mp3 files as it would get cluttered, just list the sound packs along side local, radio etc

why the vast majority like myself would not need this, this would help a long way in improving the ui for new users.