A strange glitch

Ok guys I dont know if someone had that but my home assistant got updated to 2.12 before some days and today I noticed that ethernet stopped working so I got back to 1.9 and saw that it worked again then again I updated to 2.12 and stopped working again feels like that this version “banned” me anyone had anything like that before?

Don’t have any logging to look at, to see what’s going wrong ?

There is no 2.12 of Home Assistant.

Are you talking about the Hass.io supervisor, or something else?

I ment HassOS :

Unfortunately I could not access my installation due to ethernet problems so no I could not see any logs the only way was to re install a previous version

If you have hassos on SD card, you may mount it on Linux box and inspect the hassos-data partition…
There you’ll find the homeassistant.log and perhaps something to fix up on the configuration.yaml or the included one.