A thanks to all the developers and contributors

I just wanted to personally give a huge thanks to all developers, contributors and beta testers for putting their time in this project. I have huge respect for all of you. You’ve made an amazing piece of software that, for me at least, was basically the last puzzle piece for my whole setup. It’s been a marvelous discovery for me as I didn’t know about Home Assistant until a few weeks ago, and now, I’m obsessed with it.
I’ve built my whole setup from ground-up by myself (based on Raspberry Pi), and I’ve been relying on WebIOPi and Bash/Python scripts until now.
I’m still learning and trying to get better at programming (as I’m more of a hardware guy), but I’ll try my best to contribute to the community as much as I can, just like all of you guys who made this happen did.


Indeed, great community, great software!

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Also from me a huge thanks hugs :pizza: and respect! U all awesome .This project will write history in open source home automation!

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Agreed! This is the home automation software I’ve been searching for, for years! I love how there’s always new stuff to learn. It’s very open-ended unlike the more commercial stuff like HomeKit. I can basically create the smart home of my dreams! And considering it’s still in like Alpha stage, it’s pretty stable and reliable. Great work guys!